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He tied me in the cafeteria

He tied me in the cafeteria

He tied me in the cafeteria

I was on vacation from my job or rather an escort hobby, when I decided to go for a coffee with some friends that I had not seen for many months, with the girls we were in to go a little night to have some drinks.

It was there that while we were talking when a boy about 27 years old, very attractive by the way and of a stature like I like, he looked at me like a real madman and did not take my eyes off me.

That was how the time passed and the waiter told me that he had sent a bottle of Moet for the table, but that it was really directed at me, the girls started to encourage me to go and thank him.

That s how I came to the sofa where I was sitting smoking, taking a drink and reading a book and I said that thanks for the bottle and that it seemed very kind of him, he whispered in my ear that he loved it and that it would be great to take me to home.

I told the girls what Erick had said, the name of the nice guy, and what he proposed to me, the girls knew I needed some company, so they told me that he would accept her and go with him.

It was like at 12 o clock at night we went to his apartment, I was a little drunk and I was in the car with him in a girlfriend attitude, and what better way to have a girl like me with big tits and a big ass has had many clients in Marbella escorts.

During the trip I offered a blowjob until it came in my mouth, I wanted to fuck that day but I was very tired, so this story will continue a few days later and I will tell you what happened.