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The revenge of a woman scorned

The revenge of a woman scorned

The revenge of a woman scorned

Well they say that women with hatred and resentment for their husband, especially when they have been deceived in a very cruel way, this is the story of Stephany, a 24-year-old girl who was married to a boy she had known since she was 16 and who They had been married for about 3 years.

All went well until one day in the afternoon her husband said he would go to a meeting, she wanted to surprise him and went to his office to leave a memory there and that he could see it the next day, but it surprised her was another, since her husband was in his office but bursting his ass to his secretary, a girl with big tits and a perfect ass that anyone would like to fuck.

The sweetest revenge

Carlos, the husband name, could not do anything and let Stephany out of that building with many tears in her eyes, so she went to a bar to drown her sadness in tequila and it was precisely there that she started talking with him. bartender who seduced her until when they closed the bar they left together.

The place was the apartment of the unknown boy, with whom Stephany, wanted to get revenge in the same way that her husband was busting the ass to the busty secretary. It was as well as the heat of the drinks the boy began to kiss her and to take her clothes to be in panties.

The girl who also had super rich tits sucked his dick until it was hard as an iron and put on four to get it without a condom and every time they put his penis was thinking how bad her husband would be to see that situation.

The photo with the mobile

After that the girl got on the guy cock and rode like never before in life, Stephany also enjoyed a lot of fucking with someone new, since he had never done it with anyone else and Carlos knew them very well.

The bartender ran in the mouth and tits of Stephany, who immediately took the phone and took several pictures to send them on WhatsApp to her husband as the message "We are at my hands love.